When Is A New HVAC Installation the Best Option?

The summer and winters in the Triangle can put a strain on any HVAC system. If it’s receiving proper maintenance, your HVAC equipment should last you approximately 10 years, but even the best equipment eventually wears out. The following are common signs that your HVAC system isn’t running well anymore and may need to be replaced: Inefficient Cooling or Heating of Your Home – If you feel like you’re running the AC or heat on high…

Habits That Waste Energy In Your Home

Many homeowners around the Raleigh, Cary, Durham, and Chapel Hill areas waste a lot of energy without even realizing it. You may notice an increase in your utility bills during certain times of the year. Avoid energy waste by stopping habits that cause your household to use excess energy. Keeping Appliances Plugged In – Leaving a cell phone charger plugged in when it’s not currently in use won’t waste a lot of energy on its own….