Prevent HVAC System Breakdown With Preventative Maintenance
Don't Get Stuck In The Cold Or Heat

Did you know that 70% of HVAC system break downs can be prevented with regular maintenance? Yet most homeowners do not have maintenance check ups on their systems. As important as maintaining a vehicle you drive every day or getting it checked up before a long road trip, your HVAC system needs to be properly maintained as well.

Schedule your preseason heater or air conditioner tune up with 6 & Fix Heating & Cooling and we will guarantee that your system won’t break down during peak season.   Our thorough examination and diagnostic of your HVAC system will spotlight any current issues or potential failures. Don’t get stuck in the heat of the summer with no air conditioning or in the freezing temperatures without heat. Contact us today to sign up for your peace of mind.

And so you don’t forget to call for next season’s preseason tune up...
...Click here to learn about 6 & Fix’s Annual Maintenance Service Agreement. For as little as $149 a year our Annual Maintenance Service Agreement allows you to enjoy peace of mind when it comes to the comfort of your home. Not only will you notice longer equipment life, but you will enjoy more energy savings and lower repair costs.

Breakdown Protection expires on the calendar date ending the current summer or winter season. Excludes heat exchangers and compressors. Same Day Service does not apply to the scheduling of seasonal tune ups.