Bringing comfort indoors for your business is critical in North Carolina’s hot, humid summers and unpredictable, chilly winters. Furthermore, 6 & Fix keeps your ice rinks, refrigeration, and kitchen equipment running smoothly, as well as maintaining the comfort of your customers, diners, and employees.

Known for their reliable, fast, and quality service, 6 & Fix’s installers and technicians are experienced and certified. Call (919) 736-6661 to schedule your repair or commercial estimate.

HVAC & Refrigeration Repair

Mechanical services for commercial facilities, and we service all types of HVAC and Refrigeration Equipment and Systems.

Retrofits & Replacements

We have the knowledge and expertise to replace or retrofit HVAC systems in their entirety.

Preventative Maintenance

Planned maintenance of HVAC/Plumbing systems is the foundation for extending the lifespan and ensuring efficiency of the system serving your facility. We offer a wide variety of options for maintaining equipment of all sizes.

With rising costs everywhere, now is the time to make choices for your business that:

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