Preventable Breakdown 70%
No Maintenance Plan 90%

Did you know...

70% of HVAC breakdowns can be prevented with regularly scheduled maintenance. Yet, surprisingly, more than 90% of households do not have maintenance plans.


Proactive Maintenance Saves Money!

Think of preventative HVAC maintenance the same way you think about your car’s maintenance. For instance, it needs an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Putting off that oil change could lead to a wide variety of expensive problems that are easily avoided through preventative maintenance with 6 & Fix,

Being proactive when it comes to HVAC maintenance gives you the opportunity to catch potential problems that would otherwise turn into major issues requiring expensive repairs. For example, changing and inexpensive air filter is much simpler and cheaper than spending $5000 or more replacing a burned-out blower motor due to restricted air flow caused by a dirty air filter.

Preventative Maintenance with 6 & Fix Means Better Efficiency

A poorly maintained system uses more energy and costs more to operate that a properly maintained one, which uses less energy and subsequently costs less to operate over a long-tern basis.

1 HVAC System

Provide semi annual maintenance on 1 HVAC System
$249 per year

2 HVAC Systems

Provide semi-annual maintenance on 2 HVAC System
$349 per year

3 HVAC Systems

Provide semi-annual maintenance on 3 HVAC Systems
$449 per year

4 or More HVAC Systems

Provide semi annual maintenance on 4 or more HVAC Systems

Start saving on your energy bills and costly repairs today!