Restaurant Services for Commercial Equipment

At 6 & Fix, we understand that your restaurant equipment is the lifeblood of your business. Failing refrigeration systems can damage your inventory and ability to serve customers, while non functioning HVAC systems can affect your customers’ experience. Our expert technicians are trained and certified to handle all standard services as well as emergency refrigeration repair for area restaurants. We maintain a strong focus on communication and service for the community and will work hard to resolve any issues you experience with these systems.

Failing refrigeration systems can damage your inventory and ability to serve customers.

With the experience you need, 6 & Fix provides top quality installation, repairs, and preventative maintenance.

Commercial Refrigeration Solutions

Maintaining and keeping up with your commercial refrigeration and walk-in cooler repairs in any industry is the equivalent of maintaining the livelihood of your business. It’s so important to keep your food and beverages fresh in order to keep your staff, guests, and the entire business healthy and safe. You must also comply with FDA refrigeration laws and regulations in order to run a successful business. If your temperatures are not kept at a proper level, food and beverages will spoil causing thousands or more dollars in profit loss.

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Whether you’re looking at installing a new refrigeration system or want to get set up with a comprehensive maintenance plan, our certified technicians are ready to go to work for you. Our familiarity with commercial HVAC needs allows us to also inspect and provide a free on-site estimate for your air conditioning and heating systems. Don’t delay if you’re experiencing failure with any of these systems, let us get to solving your issues and get you back to peak performance.

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Offering the Commercial Restaurant Equipment Services You Need Today

The beer cooler in your restaurant is a key piece of equipment that brings in plenty of customers. If you own a bar, it is undoubtedly the backbone of the business. The moment you notice your beer cooler acting up is the same moment you need to call a service technician to fix what is wrong. At 6 & Fix, our Raleigh restaurant service specialists can help you get your commercial beer cooler up and running again in no time.

6 & Fix brings more than 100 years of combined industry experience to every job we take. We are also licensed, bonded, insured, and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to help you feel confident in our abilities and the projects we complete.

Raleigh’s Favorite Beer Cooler Service

  • Beer cooler installations
  • Repair jobs
  • Regular maintenance
  • Part replacement or upgrades

Are you a restaurateur or convenience store owner with a beverage system that has experienced mechanical errors? Do you want to improve your business with the addition of a new beverage system? If the work is not done correctly, you could be investing big money into a frustration.

6 & Fix in Raleigh has the technical knowledge, industry experience, and professional courtesy required to complete any beverage system job exactly to your expectations. We are licensed, bonded, and insured to instill confidence in our clients. Since the first day our company was formed, we have been all about the client experience, even offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free quotes for estimates and equipment.

Services you may want for your own beverage system include:

  • Installation of new systems for restaurants, eateries, and more.
  • Replacement of aging or broken beverage machines.
  • Repairs on malfunctioning machines that do not need total replacement.
  • Routine maintenance to keep your beverage equipment optimal.

Are your commercial ovens and stoves experiencing any of these problems?

  • Not heating up or firing up
  • Not maintaining the chosen temperature
  • Not cooking food evenly
  • Not cooling down after use

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those issues, your commercial kitchen is not running as competently as it could be. With our help, you can bring all your cooking and heating appliances back to optimal levels. Not only will you be able to more confidently prepare food for guests and patrons, but you may even save money on gas and electric bills due to heightened equipment efficiency.

Your restaurant needs reliable cooking equipment to get orders out and patrons in. Do not hesitate to get your commercial cooking appliances and ovens repair as soon as possible!

6 & Fix offers emergency repair work for commercial restaurants. We know that you need your oven, stove, and other heating elements fully functioning in order for your restaurant, hospitality business, or other food service company to be profitable. That is why we act with urgency and care, completing jobs efficiently, correctly, and at competitive prices your wallet is sure to love.

As a business owner, you rely on your employees being on top of their game at all times. Why should you expect any less when it comes to any of your appliances, including your dishwasher? At 6 & Fix we offer speedy, cost-effective, and professional Raleigh commercial dishwasher repair services. Regardless of the nature of your required repair, you can rest assured we are more than deserving of being your number one choice in the market.

If you are in the food service industry, it can be absolutely disastrous for you to suffer a malfunctioning appliance, especially one as intrinsic to the function of your business as a dishwasher. Without a working dishwasher, you will not be able to provide your customers what they need, seriously halting the operation and output of your business. The moment this happens, you lose credibility with any new or existing customers and our team believes this is too big a price to pay. Don’t risk loss of business for a problem our experts can easily settle, prioritizing your success and satisfaction above all else.

Many entrepreneurs do not realize that the commercial kitchen in their restaurant or hospitality business relies heavily on the kitchen hoods installed above oven ranges, stoves, and other sources of heat. If something goes wrong with a kitchen hood, you need to know it can be fixed quickly and correctly. Otherwise, your business could suffer serious profit loss as your kitchen goes unused. Our Raleigh restaurant service technicians at 6 & Fix know just how important it is for you to have fully functioning kitchen equipment. We’re always here to provide the most efficient and quick service to our customers 24/7, even on holidays! You can call on us to inspect and repair malfunctioning equipment at any time.

Importance of a Fully-Functioning Kitchen Hood

If you’re wondering why it’s so important to keep up with your kitchen’s hoods, you must first know that your hoods’ health is very important to your establishment’s health.

Commercial kitchens are extremely busy places with all sorts of food, equipment, chemicals, and people moving about to get orders completed correctly and on time. Throughout the bustle, any number of things can start to pollute the air.

Your kitchen hoods help to remove these pollutants from the air, and without a functioning commercial kitchen hood, all of those contaminants and elements in the air linger heavily in the building. Working in such an environment can be detrimental to productivity, and health of you, your staff, and your guests.

This constant haze could also potentially jeopardize the quality. ofthe food being made in the kitchen. You must keep your kitchen hoods up and running at all times to pull out “used” air. Some systems can even help cycle in clean, fresh air.

Signs It’s Time for Kitchen Hood Repair

It’s not always apparent at first glance that your commercial kitchen hood might need to be repaired, but it’s very important to keep up with maintenance and repairs at the first sign of an issue in order to avoid putting your restaurant at risk of air pollutions.

These signs include:

  • Poor ventilation
  • Fan is not working properly
  • Lingering odor
  • Fan is overly noisy
  • The lamp no longer works
  • The hood is hard to or won’t turn on or off

In a busy kitchen, the air may get filled with:

  • Airborne grease particles
  • Fumes from cleaners or other chemical agents
  • Odors from cooking and food storage
  • Intolerable heat, especially near ovens
  • Lingering smoke
  • Steam caused by cooking equipment

6 & Fix has the know-how and industry experience – more than a century’s worth combined – to maintain, fix, and install the cooking equipment in your restaurant. We have factory-trained technicians who know inside-and-out a wide variety of appliances and equipment of different brands, makes, and models. Any service we perform on restaurant and cooking equipment is backed by parts and labor warranties and our 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Our clientele at 6 & Fix is quite varied thanks to our ability to tackle any difficult restaurant service or commercial service project. If there is a piece of cooking equipment in your kitchen causing problems, call (919) 736-6661

Appliances and equipment we can repair, maintain, or install includes but is not limited to:

  • Walk-in coolers
  • Ice machines
  • Commercial refrigerators
  • Large stoves, oven ranges, and grills
  • Fryers, steamers, and salamanders
  • Convection ovens

Some of our past clients have included:

  • Convenience stores
  • Educational institutions
  • Grocers
  • Hotels
  • Recreational centers
  • Restaurants

Many of our clients have called us and expressed skepticism that anything could be done about their malfunctioning or defective cooking equipment. We have been more than pleased to surprise them with our technical knowledge and capabilities, time and again. From equipment that refuses to heat up to appliances that will no longer cool down, we can get it up and running, quickly and cost-effectively.

Preventative Maintenance is the Best Repair

In many cases, the best way to keep your cooking equipment repair costs down is to never need to repair your appliances at all. Allow our Raleigh restaurant service specialists to routinely maintain your kitchen equipment, or at least the most important pieces that your business cannot do without for even a day. With our skilled and trusted technicians in your kitchen on a schedule, you can be confident that your restaurant will always be ready to deliver food and products to your customers.