If you live in the Triangle, you’ve probably heard it before, “Call before 6pm to get your system fixed TODAY”!

We understand the importance of maintaining indoor comfort for you and your family, and repairing in quickly when needed, which is why we provide same day and dependable HVAC services.

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Maintain Your HVAC to Prevent Costly Repairs

In order for an HVAC system to operate at its best, it needs to be maintained just like any other large investment.

The fully trained air conditioning professionals at our firm will maintain your air conditioning unit like new. In order to ensure that your HVAC unit doesn’t break down or operate below what it should, we perform an extensive checklist when maintaining HVAC units.

Breathe Easier in Your Home

with 6 & Fix Indoor Air Quality Services

Indoor air quality services are part of our service offering, and we help our customers find solutions to keep their indoor environments safe.

Your home’s HVAC system filters the air you breathe by bringing in air from outside. In other words, if you don’t maintain your HVAC system properly or service it regularly, your HVAC system is bringing indoor pollutants inside, which can stay inside.

Let’s evaluate your indoor air quality and system functionality today. 

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